Have you always dreamt of getting a well-toned body but don’t have time to join the gym or don’t want to splurge on expensive equipment? That’s why we made mobiefit BODY! The monthly challenges on Mobiefit BODY are built around counting your reps and sets automatically – even at home – in three bodyweight exercises – crunches, squats and pushups. These are the exercises which can be done on your own without the help of any equipment or personal trainer. With plenty of variations in each, just these three basic exercises can be all you need to build your body, muscles, lose weight and get stronger.

This March we have launched a ‘Rep, Set, Goal!’ pushups challenge in collaboration with HashTag – the official merchandise partner for Mr. Olympia, India. HashTag is known for their amazing collection of cotton apparel made with a 3 stage quality control for color and durability.Here’s a look at their official merchandise:

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What do you need to do to get your hands on this amazing stuff? Simply download the Mobiefit BODY app and compete with other users in the ‘Rep, Set, Goal!’ challenge. Perform the maximum number of pushups in 1-minute and you could win Olympia merchandise worth Rs 4000 from HashTag. To get you started here’s a step by step to get your pushups right:

  • Lie on the ground with your feet shoulder-width apart, and toes touching the ground. Keep your elbows straight and palm by your shoulders.
  • Now lower yourself such that your nose is close to the floor and your elbows are bent at a 20-45 degree angle.
  • Your elbows must not flare out to the side, away from your body. Breath in while going down.
  • Now push back up while exhaling, straighten your elbows out and return to the starting position.
  • Do 8-10 reps and increase your rep count as you progress. For the ‘Rep, Set, Goal!’ challenge do as many pushups as you can in under 1-minute.

Bodyweight exercises don’t require any equipment, coach or even a lot of space. You can clear out a small space in your living room or find a wide enough balcony for your daily routine. Follow these religiously and you will have a strong core ready to deal with any amount of running or physical activity. Plus, you also win all Olympia official merchandise from HashTag!

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