If you are a regular on social media sites, the One Punch Man Challenge will be more than familiar to you. What started off as a joke regarding a Japanese manga/anime cliche of a hero with superhuman abilities, has turned into a full fledged workout routine! In the anime, Saitama, our hero faces a unique dilemma. Being too strong he defeats his opponents with a single blow, which leaves him a bit unsatisfied. Hence the name “One Punch Man”.

The One Punch Man Workout is based on Saitama’s secret training that transformed him from a humble Japanese man into a superhero. The fact that it doesn’t require any equipment has made it all the more popular – the workout only has bodyweight exercises and running.

The Challenge

One Punch Man Challenge is a perfect mix of strength and endurance training

The One Punch Man challenge is not easy. Every day you have to do the following four routines

  1. 100 Push-Ups
  2. 100 Sit-Ups
  3. 100 Squats
  4. 10 KM Running

And there are no rest days in a week. At the end of it you might not develop superhuman abilities but the routine is great for greatly improving your cardiovascular health, stamina, core strength and endurance.


What’s in it for you?

The simple routine of pushups, crunches and squats focus on the three key areas – upper body, core and lower body – while the 10K ensures great cardio too. It’s a well-rounded workout that works on all the necessary muscles in your body. Your muscle conditioning and fatigue threshold would also improve phenomenally. The crunches help burn lots of fat, while the pushups and squats help build stronger muscles.


Are there any cons?

Well, it’s not a big list, but the One Punch Man Challenge does have downsides.  If you are looking at building extreme muscle mass, this is not your best bet. While you will see positive improvements, the entire routine does not focus on building muscles.

It also lacks a pulling movement exercise – including pull-ups would make this a true all-rounder. So we would recommend that if you have access to a bar or can afford one, you should absolutely add pull-ups to this routine. That’s the One Punch Man workout with a mobiefit twist.

Adding pull ups to this workout will help you build bigger muscles

Superhuman food?

Saitama only had one rule: don’t skip breakfast, even if you were just eating a banana. But with a challenging workout like this, diet becomes very crucial. Just remember that you need to include two major necessities to develop this ‘superhero’ strength:

  • More protein – You will need to pack a minimum of at least 8g of protein per pound of bodyweight. So plate up on your eggs, salmon, beans and legumes as these not only keep your energy levels going good but will also help you to get a lean body.
  • More fruits and vegetables – The best way to get the most nutrition out of fruits and veggies is to use a variety of colors. Pick as many colorful fruits you can and it will be really hard to resist when you have a dish that is noting short of a work of art. So load up on greens like spinach, kale and broccoli, spuds, tomatoes. Bananas are great but oranges, melons,berries and apples are all packed with a heady mix of protein, carbs and sugar.

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