Shoemakers are weaving in technology that’s typically not associated with shoes to make footwear that stands out in an over-crowded market. From smart running shoes to shoes with mechanical springs, we have seen them all. And the latest rage it seems is 3D-printed running shoes.


Just like Adidas, running shoe maker New Balance has introduced its own line of 3D-printed running shoes. The shoes have been created in collaboration with 3DSystems, a 3D printing tech company.


The sneaker features a 3D-printed midsole made from something called elastomeric powder and DuraForm Flex TPU. New Balance claims the shoe’s bottom cushion will be able to provide greater balance of flexibility, durability, strength and stability.

“To deliver this level of performance with a 3D printed component, we paired experts in running and biomechanics with leaders in plastics engineering, material development and generative design. These are the types of collaborations that will drive footwear design and manufacturing in the future,” Sean Murphy, New Balance Senior Manager of Innovation and Engineering, said in a statement.


The limited edition 3D-printed running shoes will be hitting stores in April 2016, starting with Boston and, then around the world. There’s no word on pricing as yet, but expect to pay a premium price for this new pair.

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