Agreed that everybody knows how to work out and the basics of exercise. But to get really fit and make a difference in your body – whether it’s weight loss or gaining muscle or simply managing a health condition, one needs personal attention from a coach or a trainer or an expert in the field of fitness and nutrition. And for beginners, the road to achieving their fitness goal may be too difficult. A personal trainer or coach makes it easier to navigate it.

A personal coach not only helps you optimize your performance and minimize injury risk, but helps you answer questions like “How to get six-pack abs” or “How to lose weight” and avoid common training errors such as working out too much too soon, or not eating properly to supplement your training. So whether your fitness goal is to lose weight through running or home workouts, or build six-pack abs in the gym, a personal trainer can be the difference between achieving it and not. The ideal behind how a personal coach can make a dramatic positive impact on your fitness, comes down to four crucial aspects of fitness and nutrition


Coaches motivate and support you. A good coach will provide the best guidance even for a plan that you have in mind, and not just force you to do something that you don’t want to. This includes offering encouragement to a new trainee, keeping you pumped up when you are feeling low and being a friend when needed. A personal coach knows your body and your daily schedule intimately and as such they have a keen interest in whether you have good activity levels and a balanced diet. The best personal trainers take great pride in ensuring you are on track.


Getting the right nutrition advice is just as important as falling in line with your training schedule. With their expertise in the field, a nutrition coach will be able to guide you to a diet plan that targets your needs. Nutrition coaches also know which fitness routines complement your ultimate goal, so they also offer fitness advice. Getting the right diet plan with a meal schedule is especially crucial for people who want to lose weight, and those who are looking to beef up or tone their muscles. These requires specific and very different diets, something a personal nutrition coach will be able to clarify for you.

The right coach has the right plan for you
The right coach has the right plan for you


Intervention of coaches can help you take your performance to the next level through the right training and preparation. A coach excels in setting your training agenda and milestones, which helps you focus just on the activity, rather than the logistics. For example, in marathon training, coaches help you find the right time to start your taper, and can guide you through this time where runners tend to get anxious and edgy. Taking on a taper without an experienced hand results in the fear of “losing your training”, and consequently to bad performance.


By this we mean having someone who can give you the right information, whether it is about diet or fitness. You are too close to your overall fitness goal to see whether you are on track. Getting an outside perspective helps keep your expectations in check. Coaches offer this point of view and make your workouts and diet more effective. Coaches also help with rehab after an injury. For anyone who has nursed a sore knee or any other injury, a personal trainer or coach can address the underlying factors. This can be a crucial difference between an effective diet and fitness plan and one which is simply paying lip service.

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