As more and more runners sign up for FirstRun’s systematic, yet flexible, running programs, we have received a lot of queries regarding which running shoes and gear they should go for.

Over the past few months, we have been recommending running shoes for all budgets, needs and surfaces on the blog, which you can also access within the app now through the Start Line feature. But now we are taking things to a new level.

Starting today, you can buy products such as running shoes, socks, earphones, armbands and wearable devices right from the FirstRun app. In the brand new Store section, users can filter through our selection using familiar parameters such as brand, popularity, price and features.

Running shoes and socks
We often say that all you need to start running is a pair of shoes and the ground in front of you. So now you can take care of the former with the FirstRun app. We offer a varied selection of running shoes for men and women, and for all budgets. So whether you want to get the best bargain for your first pair, or buy the best running shoes out there, we have the right options for you. And where there are shoes, there are socks. So for both beginners and experienced runners, the new section will feature running socks in various sizes and types.

Buy running shoes of various kinds in many data-lazy-sizes
Buy running shoes of various kinds in many sizes

Earphones and headphones
As anyone who has run with FirstRun knows, the earphone plays a vital role in the app’s functionality. Without it, you will be hard-pressed to hear our in-app voice coach’s instructions and motivational quotes. So now you can buy the right earphones for your device thanks to FirstRun’s brand new Store section.

Wearable devices
With the boom in the wearable devices market, we expect a lot of runners to be sporting nifty gadgets to measure details like heart rate, sleep patterns, number of steps, and running-related data such as distance and speed. Now you can buy the wearable you want through FirstRun, and supplement data, such as calories lost, speed, distance and daily progress, which is already seen in FirstRun.

Latest wearables and earphones from major audio brandsq
Latest wearables and earphones from major audio brands

Finally, we are offering runners a selection of armbands to holster their precious smartphone and run without any worry or hassle, and without the phone dangling by your side. And it’s also the ideal way to maintain your running form, while carrying a device.

There you have it. Now you can not only prepare for your first 5K or 10K with FirstRun’s unique programs, but also be ready for your debut race with the right gear in your kit thanks to the FirstRun Store.

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