Shwetha Bhatia has a decade-plus experience of being a fitness pro and has been a national-level bodybuilding champion. She has been the woman behind the dazzling physiques of actors Sooraj Pancholi and Tiger Shroff. A firm believer in eating healthy and training equally hard, Shwetha has an impressive network of clients- starting from professional athletes to celebrities- they have all sought her expertise on nutrition at some time or the other.

She too started off as a scrawny child in school with a penchant for studying and realized the importance of exercising way later when she headed off to college. From there she went on to win the bronze at several state and national level categories for bodybuilding and went on to become a member of the jury for IBBF, where she once showcased as an athlete.

In a country where women are often critiqued for lifting weights, Shwetha was one of the initial female lifters. Her commitment to training and fitness is so much so that she set up her gym, Gym & Tonic, where she has a free hand with training and she can easily customize workouts according to the needs and requirements of her clients.

With Mobiefit’s diet plans, Shwetha aims at providing effective nutrition for people looking at reaching their target weight, or gaining muscle. With the programs for Mobiefit RUN, you can start losing weight while getting great cardio exercise, or improve your running performance in 5K, 10K and half marathon runs. With Mobiefit BODY plans you can start losing weight, gain muscle,  or aim to get those enviable six-pack abs or a toned body!

In conversation with mobiefit’s nutrition expert, Shwetha:

As a female bodybuilder and personality in the fitness world, did you face any fitness-related pressures?

Societal pressures weren’t major as I have been a practicing nutritionist for almost 8 years now. Of course, people still aren’t used to seeing women with muscles. On the other hand, fitness related issues were galore! Training for fitness and training to compete might share the same platform but the latter is more vigorous and demanding. More than external pressure, it was more of an inside battle to balance work, training and my social life day in and day out.

Did you have any coaches/trainers when you started off on your journey?

I look up to Kaizzad Capadia of K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences. He has been one of the biggest sources of inspiration and teaching for me. A great coach and mentor.

What was the experience at your first bodybuilding championship?

It was scary. Being my first ever at a championship, I was quite overwhelmed. I had too many things to learn and so little time. Starting from costume selection, tanning, hair/make up, posing routines, presentation to abiding by my fitness routine. It was difficult but totally worth it. The officials of IBBF were very helpful and I was also lucky to meet a fellow participant who was well-versed in the ways of the championship and guided me.

Not just a nutrition specialist. Shwetha has also worked in the field of Sports Performance Enhancement
Not just a nutrition specialist. Shwetha has also worked in the field of Sports Performance Enhancement

Over the years, which celebs have you worked with?

I have worked with many; Sooraj Pancholi, Sajid Nadiadwala to name a few from Bollywood. However, preparing Tiger Shroff for Heropanti was one of my most memorable experiences.

When and why did you decide to start Gym&Tonic?

After I won the competition, I was keen on having my own gym set up. I plan workouts for my clients as well and it gets difficult coordinating with trainers. Usually I have to ask them to send videos and then correct their form. At Gym and Tonic, I have a free hand with training which definitely optimizes results.

How will the mobiefit Nutrition Programs help individuals achieve their weight goals?

I don’t believe in crash diets or making people eat things they don’t want to. With the mobiefit Nutrition programs, the main focus is on simple ingredients that you can acquire in most stores and utilize them to the max. The programs are sustainable and can be followed forever. It’s a guarantee of great long-term health, if you stick to it and don’t lose focus from your workouts. Together,  the mobiefit training and diet plan guarantee that you will achieve your goal.

Will the nutrition plan helps runners who are training for 5K, 10K, or marathon runs?

Yes, but runners also need to strengthen their muscles because they generate power and have to be strong enough to endure the activity. For this we are also giving runners a strength training and workouts routine, that will keep them protected. I have no doubt that the new programs will show guaranteed results for better running endurance and reduced risk of injuries.

And finally, what would you be doing if you weren’t a fitness pro?

Being a nutritionist, one has to know the human anatomy and body functioning inside out. So, if I wasn’t a fitness professional then I would have definitely been a doctor.

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