People who love coconut water usually – in the need to explain how good it is – throw in a ‘coconut water is so good for you that you can actually use it in place of plasma’. This isn’t entirely true, though it does have an element of truth in it. Coconut water isn’t identical to plasma, but is in fact more similar to the liquid inside red blood cells.

Feel free to shoot down this theory if you’re ever presented with it. But this shouldn’t take away from the fact that coconut water is great for you. Here are six solid reasons to start loving it again. As far as hydration goes, coconut water is several magnitudes better than artificial energy drinks or even some of the tried-and-tested brands that may not be pumping you full of sugar. In fact, runners often carry a small bottle of coconut water to hydrate and cool themselves down, preferring it to water, since it is also full of electrolytes.

Low-fat hydration
As a low fat health drink, coconut water should be your best friend already. It has no sugar or additives and is a completely natural drink. At its ripest though it’s as sweet as any fruit juice, plus the extra bits of tender coconut that may sometimes float around in the drink are great for re-fuelling too. Tender coconut delivers an energetic punch, that won’t bloat you up.

Nature’s sports drink
The same way sports drinks provide electrolytes, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium, coco-water does the same and is an isotonic drink. It also provides full-body hydration after a workout.

Digestion worries begone
It’s great for your digestive tract and urinary health – Coco-water is a natural diuretic and can help prevent urinary tract infections as well as kidney stones. It is advised that you drink very fresh coconut water rather than pre-packaged tetra-pack and definitely don’t overdo it.

Weight loss friend
It can help with weight loss – since the fat content of coco-water is so low, you are never in any worry of putting on weight for drinking it.

Hangover killer
Had a crazy Friday night? Don’t feel all that great the next morning? Well, chug some coco-water! It is rich with nutrients and will replace all the electrolytes lost and make you feel better.

Immunity boost
Anti-oxidants and potassium – both great for your well being, are present in plenty in coco-water. Potassium is a vital mineral that’s needed for your brain and nervous system, and anti-oxidants help prevent damage to our systems that are caused by free radicals!

There you have it! Six great reasons to ditch the newfangled energy drinks and resort to drinking more coconut water and being natural! As an alternative, try cactus water, which is becoming a health food trend in its own right.

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