After months of training and much sacrifice of sleep, we hope that you’re all but raring to run the first 10K race of your life. Between watching your carbs and maintaining a taper routine, the days leading up to the race can be both tense and exciting. It often helps to have a check list of all the essential things that you’ll be requiring while on the run; this saves you from unnecessary last-minute panic before the race and ensures that you face the starting line energized and confident. To get you started, we’ve rounded up some useful running gear that complement your training and aim to help you finish that first 10K with flying colors.

Racing shoes
For your first 10K, you can always run in the shoes you train in, provided that they aren’t too worn out already – running in old shoes can be quite hazardous. If you are considering a new pair of racing flats, however, ensure that you’ve broken them in a few times before the race. Racing shoes are typically much lighter than training shoes, and they feature a more responsive overall cushioning for more powerful foot movement. Here are some good options to get started.

Running apparel
Your running T-shirt, shorts/tracks and running socks should be chosen according to the kind of weather you expect to race in. If you’re running in humid climate or going for a monsoon run, make sure your base layer will keep you dry and comfortable—a polyester/ Lycra blend works well in such cases. Some tech fabrics these days are treated with antimicrobial agents that are known to fight sweat and odor both. Others, such as those made with polypropylene, come equipped with UV protection for those harsh days in the sun. Ultimately, the gear you invest in should be one that makes your run a better experience, so choose wisely and always try them on first.

Sports bras
The right racing bra that’ll keep you comfortable over the 10K is an integral addition to the female runner’s wardrobe. Here’s a quick guide to the different kinds of technical ones available today, so that you can choose one to suit your activity level.

Hydration gear
Hydration packs and belts have made staying refreshed during races so much easier. From bulky packs that can store other essentials to sleek sippers that mould themselves to your palm, there’s plenty to choose from.

The right sports bra is an essential gear for all women runners
The right sports bra is an essential gear for all women runners

Energy bars or quick snacks
Energy gels are essentially designed to refill the carbohydrate stocks that get used up while running. Make sure your body is used to the gel you’ll be taking on race day – there’s a plethora of them in the market today so get the trials and errors out of the way before your marathon.

Runner’s belt
Though their possessions will be safe and sound at the finish line, some runners still prefer to carry their ID, keys and phone on them. For this, a comfortable runner’s belt can store your immediate items along with a few energy bars and maybe even a lucky trinket.

Anti-chafe cream or vaseline
Blisters and chafing are unpleasant by-products of running and there’s no getting around them. Keep some Vaseline or your choice of anti-chafing products in your race kit and use these on areas when your race outfit edges brush against skin.

Band-aids are useful little things to have when you’re facing a mid-race blister, broken toe-nail or bloody nipple. The same goes for a small salve of anti-bacterial ointment or wipes.

Get vaseline or a anti-chafe cream for your first 10K. It'll be a life-saver
Get vaseline or a anti-chafe cream for your first 10K. It’ll be a life-saver

You’ve trained enough to know what a bother it is to run while your sweaty locks get in your eyes and face. Several moisture-wicking headbands today are designed especially for runners who wish to stay out of their own hair while racing.

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