Thanks to its open spaces and amiable all-year climate, Bangalore is a haven for amateur and professional runners, several of whom have formed communities and groups for training together. From sharing running routes across the city to race information and marathon tips, these running clubs in Bangalore have nurtured several award winners and veterans, even as they continue to encourage newer generations and members to sign up for the sport. For beginners, a running club can be that extra motivation to get running, and there’s a big upside to joining a club for those unfamiliar with the city. If you’re looking for running buddies in the city, try out one of these popular clubs.

Runners for Life
One of the largest running communities in the city, Runners for Life has been operational for more than 6 years now, during which time they’ve also organized several runs and events, including the immensely popular Puma Urban Stampede, the 2015-16 edition of which will kick off this weekend in Pune. Their aim is to make running popular throughout the country and they have a strong and multi-talented team working towards the target. With over 12,500 members online, and a core group of experienced ultramarathoners and race veterans at the helm, they’re sure to be good running company in the city.

Nike+ Run Club

The NiKe+ Run Club (NRC) has been around for more than 6 years, with members meeting up every Saturday at 6 AM at the Nike store on Brigade Road and Cubbon Park. Anyone is welcome to join the group by simply turning up. The membership is free and the club has two coaches who oversee the training sessions — K.C. Kothandapani and Reeth Abraham. Training here constitutes warm up, stretching, running around Cubbon Park, cool down exercises and yoga.

Jayanagar Jaguars
In 2007, a group of Jayanagar residents in Bangalore who were training for the Kaveri Trail Marathon, got together to form a running club with a fierce identify. Made up of runners from all walks of life and across age group, its members are also into cycling, trekking and other outdoor activities and regularly get together even apart from their training days to discuss related events and outings. The runners meet in Jayanagar 5th Block every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5.30 am.

Runner’s High

Runner's High members at the TCS World 10K (Image: Runner's High)
Runner’s High members at the TCS World 10K (Image: Runner’s High)
Taking the concept of running as a means to reach one’s true potential, Runner’s High is a relatively new initiative that provides coaching and training for runners or walkers, beginners and advanced. With a team of expert coaches and sports medicine specialists in tow, they have trained runners for several events including the World 10K, Kaveri Trail races, Bangalore Ultra, Mumbai marathon and Auroville runs. Runner’s High is also involved in reaching out to youngsters, and promoting running and physical activity as an integral part of education.

The Pacemakers
Made up of spirited distance runners, both novice and experienced, the Pacemakers group runs under the leadership of Coach Pani, an ex-IAF athlete with many meritorious achievements in competitive races across various distances. The club members aim to improve their performance and reduce injury through adopting several scientific principles of training that can get runners to perform their best during race season. Each athlete is given a structured training plain based on their current skills, fitness and aspirations.

BHUKMP Runners
These group of runners got together with a very specific target in mind i.e. to compete in the six marathons that make up their name: The Bangalore Midnight, Hyderabad Marathon, Bangalore Ultra, Kaveri Trail Marathon, Mumbai Marathon and the Puducherry (Auroville) marathon. They train for these races at various running loops in the city, as well as exchange marathon tips and basics with all members.

Main Image: Nike+ Run Club runners at the TCS World 10K | SportsKeeda

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