The Philips Health Watch is set to be up for grabs later this year in September as the once-electronics giant bets on connected devices. According to tech website Pocket-Lint, the smartwatch is going to be available starting this September and would be priced at around the €250 price mark or around Rs 19,000, though the final price has not yet been revealed.

The Health Watch was actually unveiled at IFA in 2015, so Philips is quite late on the ball when it comes to the actual launch. Last year the company focused majorly on the personal health program, and so it makese sense that the Health Watch tracks heart rate, activity, and sleep patterns, among other activity tracking, as well as syncing with smartphones for notifications.

When connected to the proprietary Philips HealthSuite app, the watch will inform users on their wellbeing and tell them how to make better lifestyle choices thanks to a customised program that is tailor made for each user, based on their activity level.

The watch also includes an optical heart rate sensor and accelerometer, which claims to continuously and automatically measure biometric data. Users get access to doctors and psychologists to take action on this data, and get tailormade goals. Philips’ other connected health devices for home use are already available through the Philips website and includes two types of blood pressure monitors (upper arm and wrist), an ear thermometer that is usable for all ages, including newborns, and an air purifier for people who suffer from allergies.

Philips is labelling this watch as a medical device – if the name didn’t tip their hand – and claims it has been designed to help prevent lifestyle-induced conditions such as metabolic risk syndrome, heart diseases, diabetes etc.

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