There are compression tights and there is the Physiclo, which claims to be the world’s first compression gear with built-in resistance bands, that target the entire lower-body muscles.

Physiclo claims its special resistance technology engages quads, hamstrings, hip abductors, and gluteus muscle groups, with each and every movement you make when working out. Since they are available in tights, shorts and capri style only, they are meant for your lower-body alone.

When you don on these tights for your workout, your legs will feel weighed down due to the resistance bands. It’s meant to offer the same benefits that ankle weights do, but without the extra weight on your legs.

Instead, the Physiclo relies purely on resistance, driven by elastic bands and panels that are hidden between the outside and inside layers of these tights. “Each panel is designed to cover a specific target muscle group. As the legs swing around the hip, these panels become stretched and counteract that motion, requiring the muscles to generate more power. This increases in effort and energy you spend, resulting in a higher caloric burn and better training results,” the company says.

Muscle groups that are used when in the full range of motion in your lower body such as the absolutely crucial hip flexors, the load-bearing glutes, hamstrings and hip adductors, as well as the quadriceps. Currently resistance shirts, sleeves, socks, and more are being developed so that everyone can get these same benefits in other parts of the body too.

“It’s been almost two days since I worked out while wearing Physiclo’s new resistance shorts, and my legs are still sore. It’s not like I worked out all that hard either,” writes Nathan Ingraham for Engadget, while talking about the shorts. He goes on to compare the experience to walking in water all the time, the extra resistance making it harder to complete your sets.

The company’s tests have shown that subjects – running at a constant 10kmph on a treadmill at a 2% incline – wearing Physiclo typically had an additional 9% increase in heart rate and 14% extra calories burned. In addition, exercising with them on resulted in 23% more muscle activity in the hamstrings and quadriceps.

Physiclo’s extra resistance bands and panels within the shorts make it stand out to tights that offer the same compression level throughout. And the extra resistance means wearers will have to curb their enthusiasm just a little in the first few days. Physiclo advises you to lower your usual intensity when working out in these tights. After all, it’s meant to make you feel as if you have worked twice as hard.

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