From being a quiet achiever in school to becoming more and more high profile. Sravani Sinha went from being a District-level swimming champion (U-19) to an NCC ‘Best Cadet’ and just this week she won the Jerai Classic – Miss Bikini Diva (South) to add to her laurels. Being a full-time physique competitor and fitness professional has its perks.

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Sravani shows great energy and enthusiasm in tackling any workout and is a perfect inspiration for girls who want strength yet want a slim body too. Here’s Sravani in an exclusive chat with mobiefit.

Early Inspiration
My father is my inspiration. He was a doer and a go-getter. I get my sportsman spirit from him. My family is very supportive. Mum is adaptive to the changing times and supports my passion for fitness.

What would you call your specialities?
High intensity workout, circuit training and swimming, because I was a district champion once.

What made you take fitness seriously?
Seeing changes and positive growth in my body inspired me to take fitness to the next level. Also, Indian athletes like Shweta Mehta, Sonali Swami and Ankita Singh motivated me to take bodybuilding as a sport.

What were the challenges you faced and overcame to be where you are today?
Initially my diet was all wrong. I was training intensely but due to poor diet and lack of guidance. I had several injuries. I had ‘hamstring strain’ which kept me off the gym for 9 months. I could barely climb stairs because of the injury. Recently, I injured both my wrists which again took 3 weeks to heal. Even now, I need to be extremely careful with my form while lifting.

Injuries can be quite demotivating and frustrating. I had to start from scratch after each injury period. There have been people who kept telling me that girls should not lift. So, breaking that stereotype is the biggest challenge that I am facing now.

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Do you have any coaches or mentors?
Yes, I do have a mentor. It’s been a few weeks training with him. ‘Robin Sir’ motivates me and pushes me when I am about to give up. He makes my workout challenging and fun!

Are you a full time fitness professional? If not, how do you make time for workouts or runs in your daily life?
Yes, I am a full time fitness professional. I was preparing for a women’s physique competition till a few days back and glad to say that I won the Jerai Classic – Miss Bikini Diva (South) title.  This is thanks to my workout, which I do 5-6 days a week, but I do not exceed 2 hours in a day.

Who are some of the people in the Indian fitness community who inspire you?
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Conor McGregor, Jay Cutler, Sonali Swami, Shweta Mehta, Ankita Singh, Anlella Sagra , Ray Diaz, Paige Hathaway.

Describe how staying fit changed your life.
I have learnt not to give up. I acquired patience. Each time I break my personal record, it boosts my self-esteem. I have started to inspire many who in return motivate me to work even harder. I have learnt to accept failure and learn from it.

Physically, I feel stronger. I hardly fall ill. I look more aesthetic. People have started noticing me and I have been getting lots of offers and opportunities to utilise my passion.

Any advice to amateurs who want to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle?
Consistency. Persistence. Hard work. Dedication. Discipline. And last but not the least, eating clean.

Five things you avoid (habits, food, etc.)
I have two cheat meals per month. I avoid negative people, alcohol, cigarettes, staying up late night, sugar and situations where I might be forced to compromise on my diet and lifestyle.

How do you learn about new diets or workouts?
I do my research online. My trainer helps me. I follow athletes on Instagram. Also, I am learning about the human anatomy in kinesiology.

What do you eat before, during and after your workouts?
30 mins before workout I take my pre-workout supplement. BCAA during workout. Post-workout I take whey protein Isolate and glutamine.

Do your friends or family complain about your fitness-first lifestyle?
Yes. My mum thinks I am a freak at times and says that no guy will marry and accept my fitness lifestyle. Haha! My friends think I am obsessed but they accept and love me for who I am.

Some people think that I am missing out on the joys of life like hanging out with friends, partying, eating tasty food, etc. Friends and family often try to tempt me into eating usual foods out of sheer love!

Three hacks you have discovered which help you in your workout sessions
Proper nutrition, warm up and cooling down after workout. It sounds simple but I have seen so many people ignoring it and getting injured because of neglecting it later on. It happened to me too.

One inconvenience/challenge you faced in your first run or workout which no one warned you about?
Injuries due to improper form.

How should one keep his mind busy while working out?
Mind and muscle connection helps in staying focused.

Your favourite fitness video or article…
I like anything related to Arnold, workout videos of Ray Diaz, Anlella Sagra and Paige Hathaway.

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