With 2016 almost over, it’s time for the annual Pinkathon ritual that is the Last Long Run. This year the Pinkathon ambassadors led by Milind Soman himself will run from Colva in the south of Goa to Gokarna in north Karnataka.

The runners will begin their journey in Colva and halt overnight at Karwar on December 30. On the last day of the year, the troop will head to Gokarna where celebrations will begin as they welcome a new year and more challenges! This year, mobiefit has tied up with Pinkathon to take this ritual run to the next level. As such there’s a big Pinkathon Challenge being planned, details of which will be announced soon. For now, the focus is on the #LastLongRun.

Among the runners is Spoorthi Seethamma an ultramarathon runner based in Bangalore, a Pinkathon Ambassador, and a lucky winner in the mobiefit #RunForRio challenge. She’s been running for many years and is an active participant in almost all the marquee events in and around Bangalore. mobiefit caught up with her to hear her running story, ahead of the Last Long Run!

When did you start running and how often do you run?
I started running in 2014 and I run almost every day. Running keeps me fit and there is a sense of content I get after running the first few kilometres. It’s an amazing feeling.

What’s your favourite running story or memory?
I recently ran an ultra from Bangalore to Hyderabad covering 600kms in 11days. This journey had a lot of memories which is jotted down in my blog too.

I had pain in my knees and shin. We had a wonderful Physio who drove twice from Bangalore to our hotel for a sports massage and one Physio from Hyderabad. Giri would help me to relieve the pain most of the times. My legs were taped. I believe there is no success without struggle. – Spoorthi’s blog post 

Who is your running inspiration or someone you admire and look up to? And why?
There are many runners who inspire me. Especially people who are not very young and still have better fitness than the youngsters really inspire me. Milind Soman is definitely one of them.

Which spots in your city do you love running in?
I live in Bangalore and Cubbon Park is a very beautiful place to run.

How has running helped you in your professional or working life?
It has got me a lot of recognition. Also I have improved a lot when it comes to mental balance due to running. Running helps the brain cells to improve.

What’s your running dream (i.e any running event or marathon you wish to finish)?
I want to run entire India and set a record and Boston Marathon.

What was your first marathon experience like?
I was never fond of running. My first Marathon was TCS 10K in 2014 and I fell in love with Running. There was no looking back after that.

What would you advise anyone who is on the fence about running?
There is no fence. Just come out and run. There is nothing like it. You will see the difference yourself physically and mentally if you are regular at it.

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