You’ve probably done elbow planks so many times that you pretty much know the drill by heart: back straight, belly sucked in, and palms flat on the floor. But Cassandra Bodlak, health coach at Studio Fitness, recommends her clients do a slight modification that’s a little more challenging: when in elbow plank, flip your hands over so your palms are facing up.

The way your palms are placed is very important when it comes to planking right. Pressing through an elbow plank with palms facing down will help keep back muscles engaged and clasping hands together in a fist will involve¬†your chest muscles to help stabilize your posture. But flipping your hands over will make your core even more engaged, Cassandra explains. “Performing a plank with palms up will disengage some of the support from the muscles of the hand and forearm,” she says.

The simple act of moving your hands will help you get on the fast track to sculpted abs

Another amazing effect of the palms-up plank is that it helps you unround those hunched-over shoulders. “It takes the pronator teres (one of the major forearm muscles) and positions it in what is called the ‘anatomical position’ (palms forward when standing, palms up when prone in a plank), which is the most desirable position in which to function,” Cassandra explains. “We are all busy typing on keyboards these days, encouraging a particular position of the forearm: palms down. Simply repositioning the forearms in your plank helps to create a balance.”

So go ahead, try this simple and effect move for sculpted abs and a taller and leaner body. If this modification is sending you back in the palms in prayer or palms flat position, don’t fret because it’s probably one more plank than you did yesterday! So keep up the good work!

Image courtesy: POPSUGAR

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