When does a plank not just work on your core and stability but also makes your arms slimmer? It may seem unbelievable but this can happen with the Plank with Lateral Arm Raise. This sounds complicated, but in fact is just a natural progression of a plank, and one of the variations in plank workouts.

The idea is to make your core even stronger, while also working out your arms. In this exercise one arm would balance your whole upper body, while the other hovers in air. This adds some explosive power in your arms, elbows and shoulders, working them out in unison.

To begin, come into a straight-arm plank with hands resting on the floor in line with shoulders, feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. This is the standard plank position. Make sure your hips don’t buckle or curve outwards. Now slowly lift one arm up to shoulder height, and keep it hanging for a few seconds.

Then return to center, then lift the other arm to shoulder height. Ensure there’s no lopsidedness by keeping your body centred. Draw your belly button up and in, which should help in keeping your body centered. Do 10 reps for each arm and with each rep let the lateral raise stay in air for 6-8 seconds.

To add some more intensity and difficulty in this workout, use a resistance band and pull it away from your body with each lateral stretch. For this you will need a solid base around which the band can be wound, and you will have to turn around to work both arms.

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