At 43-years of age Mobiefit Fitness Icon Zareen Siddique could easily give a 20-year old a run for their money with her youthful looks. A diet coach and postnatal trainer Zareen has many followers who have benefited from her diet plans and personal coaching. After the birth of her second son, she realized how important it is to create awareness about postnatal care for mothers. Not only does she guide new moms with customized diet plans but she also trains them to lose excess tummy flab and regain their strength by training their core muscles. In an exclusive interview with Mobiefit, Zareen talks about her fitness journey so far and how she discovered her new found love for running.

What was your childhood like? Who was your earliest inspiration?

I was brought up in a typical army family. This involved a lot of moving around and shifting schools. This was a good thing for me as I got acquainted with people from all walks of life at a very young age and made an array of friends. As for my earliest inspiration, that would have to be my parents. They were both runners in their college days, with my Dad securing first place in the 800 m distance and Mom in 100 m and 400 m. My Grandad too used to participate in marathons and athletic events even as a veteran.

What inspired you to start Fit with Zareen?

I had to undergo a C-section for the birth of my younger son at the age of 36 years. Since I was always into being fit, I made up my mind that I would get fit as soon as I could after the delivery. But to my great surprise I learnt that there is no concrete information or training that is provided when it comes to postnatal fitness. I couldn’t just sit around and wait for a miracle to happen, so I took matters in my own hand.

But wasn’t that a bit risky post childbirth?

That’s what many people told me, but it was a risk I was willing to take. I researched extensively online and built my very own postnatal fitness program. I followed it strictly and started seeing results within 5 months! Not only did I regain my six-pack abs but I was also healthier and stronger now.

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So how did you take your story to the other moms?

As a certified Reebok trainer, I strongly believe that formal training is very important when it comes to fitness. I have learnt my basics by signing up for programs with Fitness experts and learnt how different fundamental exercises target different muscle groups. I have also done a certificate course on Diet & Nutrition to understand the basics about healthy eating. Seeing how well my postnatal regime worked for me, I was soon flooded with requests from many women asking me for advice. I broke it all down for them into a diet plan and a workout schedule and slowly but steadily each individual started seeing visible results. That’s when I decided that I should do this for a living. More than the idea of making money off it, the most satisfying part is to see the stark transformation in every individual I attend to.

Besides being a fitness coach, what else do you have on your plate?

As much as I love watching people transform, I make it a point to devote an equal amount of time to my own fitness goals. I love cross training as it helped me build my strength and yoga which helps me with flexibility. I got introduced to running about a year back and try to fit running during the weekends. Taking time out for the gym and runs can be challenging when you have a 5-year old at home.

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Any diet hacks that keep you going?

I stay away from sweets, sugar, baked goods, refined flour, cold water and any type of junk food. Before a run or a workout I usually consume a whole banana or a few almonds before a body weight session.

Any advice to amateurs who are just starting out?

I believe in being consistent and goal oriented. If you don’t know what you want, then what’s the point? Keep your workouts or runs short but interesting to avoid them from getting monotonous. And the most important thing is to always be positive! If you don’t show your body any love, nobody is going to.

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