Music is integral for a good workout. Not only does it help you push your limits but it makes working out totally worth it. boAt is a lifestyle brand that deals in fashionable consumer electronics like- earphones, headphones, speakers, travel charger & premium rugged cables. Their wireless earphones are the perfect accessory to pump up your workout or run. Their products blend into your daily lifestyle, almost to the point of being a fashion accessory and a perfect fit for your ambient surroundings.

This month mobiefit is collaborating with boAT to give our users free boAT Rockerz earphones. We have two challenges lined up for this month one on both the mobiefit apps. Here’s a look:

On mobiefit RUN we have the Summer Burndown challenge, where winners who clock their run every day and burn the highest number of calories for the month will win boAT Rockerz earphones series.

On mobiefit BODY the participants will have to perform maximum reps of crunches in the One Punch Man Challenge. The top 3 who boast the highest score will win boAT Rockerz earphones.

The steps are simple, just download the mobiefit apps and head to the challenge screen to participate and win!

mobiefit apps

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