As more and more runners sign up for FirstRun’s systematic, yet flexible, running programs, we have received a lot of queries regarding which running shoes and gear they should go for. And in response, we launched the FirstRun Store, which is your one-stop portal for buying all things related to running – shoes, socks, earphones, armbands and wearable devices.

That’s just one of the many features that we have added over the past few months, including Start Line, which gives runners to-the-minute information from the world of running. And today, we are adding yet another star to our repertoire.

Starting today, you can subscribe to RunDoctor, a unique service that’s designed to make you run injury-free. With access to experts, certified physios, and accredited sports scientists, RunDoctor has been created by FirstRun, in association with Mumbai’s The HEAL Institute.

With RunDoctor you will be able to get in touch with Heal experts through email, telephone or Skype, and get help on on-field knocks too. Thanks to the service you can send accredited physios a live SOS for your injury through photos. And finally you will get access to expert advice on dealing with the most common injuries.

HEAL physios working with athletes on the track
HEAL physios working with athletes on the track

How does it work?

1. Select a package and buy it on
2. Check your email for the coupon code and the FirstRun download link
3. Install FirstRun through the link and find RunDoctor in the menu
4. Enter the coupon code sent by email
5. Start your RunDoctor experience through the FirstRun app

So that’s it get started on your fitness journey, by running faster, better and injury-free, one step at a time with the RunDoctor, presented by FirstRun and The HEAL Institute.

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