This week we round up the 5 greatest fiction books on running. As good as biographies can be, sometimes there’s nothing better than a twist-in-the-tale kinda book to sink your teeth into. Here is our list:

Once a Runner
John L. Parker, Jr.
First published in 1978, this book has since become a cult classic. A go to for runner’s of all sorts, in this book Parker illustrates the dedication and hard work that is demanded of an elite runner.

The Olympian
Brian Glanville
Team up an eccentric, demanding coach with a Cockney Miler who becomes a world class athlete and you get a great book. The human cost for international fame as an athlete has an Icarus/Faustian quality about it which is portrayed brilliantly in this book

Life at These Speeds
Jeremy Jackson
Kevin Schuler was a popular kid in class 8 with an above average, definitely noticeable record on track. After not taking a bus that crashes and kills his girlfriend and classmates, Kevin becomes a speed god on the track. He goes on a record breaking spree, gaining national attention until the time he realizes that he can’t detach and run away from his memories for too long. A definite page-turner, this.

The Purple Runner
Paul Christian
This book is about two stories starting out in London. One story is about a New Zealand marathoner working on breaking her average run timing marathon running, and the other story us about a mysterious world-class runner with a disfigured face. The mysterious runner’s return to competition finally happens in a spectacular manner when both runners compete in the London Marathon. Highly recommended.

We hope these see you through this weekend (and the next). Happy reading and running!

Main image: Sparkette

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