We’ce already seen how the Pro Wrestling League could have a major impact on Indian wrestling, – and we wholeheartedly support it – coming as it does on the cusp of the 2016 Rio Oiympics, but the biggest challenge that the PWL is taking up head-on is creating an equal opportunity platform for men and women wrestlers.

The PWL which will culminate in a grand finale this weekend on December 27, is setting an example in India. Apart from being the ‘richest event’ for wrestlers,it’s changing the perception of women wrestlers. Revanta Mumbai Garuda, CDR Punjab Royals, Haryana Hammers and Bengaluru Yodhas have made the semi-finals and one of these will win the first Pro Wrestling League title, where women and men wrestlers will have an equal say in who takes the crown!


The PWL is trying to give equal opportunity for men and women in 5 weight categories (57 kg, 65 Kg, 74 Kg, 97 Kg, 125 Kg) for men, and 4 weight categories (49 Kg, 53 Kg, 58 Kg, 69 Kg) for women. In the first PWL season, there six Indian city-based franchises vied for the title.

As we all know the the role of women in Indian society has changed drastically over the years. Previously, it was exclusively limited to taking care of the family and performing household work, but over the decades since independence many women have made a name in fields as varied as sports and politics and science. Indian sports also saw increasing participation of women so we have the privilege of seeing sports stars like Sania Mirza, Saina Newal, Mary Kom and many more others. The PWL aims to unearth the next big woman superstar in wrestling and with its immense fan following, it has got off to great start.

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