What’s your reason to run? The best answer, according to us, is no reason. But whatever your answer may be it’s not wrong, because running is great, no matter what your ultimate goal.

Try telling a runner you’ll get bored of running soon. They’ll laugh you off and then some more. Because running is an addiction in some sense. Most runners set off on their daily run almost automatically. We are calling this kind Serial Runners! And today we bring you the chance to win prizes for being addicted to running.

Here’s how you can win: Download mobiefit RUN, fill up your Profile and simply post  a selfie of yourself and mobiefitRUN on Instagram, while tagging @mobiefit! We will go through each and every post, with the best ones winning shopping vouchers from Amazon, as well as discounts on mobiefit RUN training.

All posts mentioning the right hashtags – #mobiefitRUN, #SerialRunner and #mobiefit – and tagging @mobiefit will be eligible to a massive discount of Rs 250 on purchase of the mobiefit RUN 10K program, worth Rs 299.

A lucky winner every day gets the mobiefit RUN Starter and Elite 10K programs for free plus Amazon gift voucher worth Rs. 500, for a total of Rs 799 to be won every day!

mobiefit #SerialRunner contest is exclusive to Instagram, so start following us now and keep winning every day till May 26!

After each of your runs, you can share your progress with the world and proudly show off your ranking! In addition to the contest, in-app challenges are where you can win plenty more rewards this month for running the maximum distance in the “Run To The Mountains” Challenge. Cover the most number of kms and win travel vouchers worth Rs 4500.

Then there’s the Pirates Treasure Hunt Challenge for 5K! Are you a fan of Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise? Then this one is perfect for you! Not only can you do your best impression of Sparrow running away from a horde of angry magical sea creatures but also win movie tickets to get the best cinematic experience for the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean blockbuster. All you have to do is run the fastest 5K to beat the rest of the competition. You’ve been warned: The 5K Challenge is usually the most intense with a great number of contenders.

Finally, to celebrate one of India’s best running events, we are bringing you the World 10K Challenge to mark the TCS World 10K in Bengaluru this month. Get prizes such as running goodie bags and hampers by running your fastest 10K run ever and topping the leaderboard.

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