Magandeep Singh is India’s first French-qualified Sommelier and he founded Wi-Not, India’s only professionally qualified and managed wine and beverage solutions company. When Magandeep isn’t zipping around the globe doing all things wine, he concentrates his energies on fitness in general, and running to be precise. He ran the half marathon in New Delhi in 2013 and the full marathon in Bangalore in 2014 with a time of 4:44.

How and when did you get into running?
Started as an occasional indulgence; 2km in the morning, 2-3 times a week. Walking wasn’t exertion enough hence jogged. With music, it was good to feel the tempo build up. Also, I remember getting a running app and this made me competitive with my own self. And I started running longer or faster, trying to better my own record. And before I knew it, I was ready for my first half-marathon.

Did you find it addicting?
It gets addictive once you realize how serene it can be. In the first kilometre, you think of all the work that awaits you, the second kilometer you think of work and career, and then you think about life. The fourth kilometer is the one where you feel tired and want to stop. After that, your heart finds rhythm, the questions melt away, and you just keep going.


Did you always want to be a runner?
I am never a runner, won’t ever be, professionally speaking. I like cycling too. And then there’s swimming… And it’s good to change your activities so that it never feels monotonous.

If you had one tip to give first time runners, what would it be?
Go slow; run for time, distance will come. And at times when it stops being fun, take a break.

Do you wear minimalist shoes or cushioned shoes when you run?
I like shoes that aren’t too cushioned although when I began they were my favorite. As muscles develop, you can reduce the cushioning. The reason for this is that the more the cushion the better the absorption, but also the lesser the energy return and consequently, speed is sacrificed.

Never train in just one shoe; always have at least two: a practice and a game-day pair. And be comfortable in both. The training shoe can have more cushion and the other can be more suited for zip. Today, any shoe that isn’t too constricting and prioritizes a mid-foot strike is good.

As one of FirstRun’s Evangelists, we look forward to hearing more about Magandeep’s trysts with fitness and marathons.

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