The registrations for the 2nd Juhu 10K run are finally open with mobiefit through the web and through mobiefit RUN app. The 2nd edition of the run, which was one of the best suburban runs organised in the city last year, will be held on November 27, 2016.

And to celebrate the launch of the Juhu 10K run registrations, we are giving a special discount on the premium 5K and 10K training programs in mobiefit RUN. This includes the Pro versions of both the programs which will take you the the 5K finish line in 30 minutes and 10K finish line in 65 minutes. Use coupon code JUHU99 within mobiefit RUN to get this exclusive discount on training programs by Gul Panag & Milind Soman. The discount is not subject to registration for the Juhu 10K run. Download mobiefit RUN for Android & iOS now!

The Juhu 10K will be a season opener leading up to the major runs in Mumbai culminating in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in 2017. This Juhu 10K will soon be followed by the hallowed Vasai-Virar Mayor Marathon, one of the highlights of the Mumbai running calendar. As such the Juhu 10K will be a key marker for many of the city’s runners, who will consider this 10K a warm-up event for the winter season ahead.

It’s not just a 10K though. The Juhu 5 KM Run (For Men & Women) has a minimum age criteria of 12 years, while the registration fee is Rs 850, the same as the 10K run. The main event has an age criteria of 15 years.

Finally, there’s the Juhu Masti Run for 3.5 km, which is a Costume Run for individuals and groups. Here the minimum age limit is 12 Years and the entry fee is Rs 500. This is a great way to get young runners involved and for those adults who are only now taking their first step towards fitness and running.

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