39-year old Robert Pope is making headlines again after recently setting a Guinness world record at the London Marathon that took place on 22nd April 2018. Pope became the fastest marathoner to run in a film character costume (male). The London Marathon is the largest marathon to hold on-site verification of many such unconventional world records and Pope’s was the fastest Guinness record of the 34 that were set on Sunday.

Dressed head to toe in his Forrest Gump garb, Pope finished the race 82nd overall in 2:36:28. Pope has been running has been running across the United States since the beginning of September 2016, tracing the exact same route the original Forrest Gump did in the 1994 Tom Hanks classic. So much is the likeliness that he’s even sporting the signature beard and red baseball hat. He has managed to transverse the U.S. four times by covering at least 15,400 miles according to Runner’s World reports. Originally from Liverpool England, Pope travels often to England where his girlfriend Nadine, gave birth to their first daughter last month.

“I’ve always wanted to run across America because I’ve always been intrigued by the culture, music, movies, and people in the states,” Pope told Runner’s World  in an earlier interview.“I knew I wanted to raise money for charity, so I thought I might as well take it all a step further.” Till date, he has raised more than $42,000 for two charities, the World Wildlife Fund and Peace Direct.

Pope will be taking off for the final leg of his journey to cover the 200 miles. His wife along with their baby will be there to see him at the starting point. Currently, Pope has the personal best of 2:27:13 and hopes that some locals join him as he completes his 5th trek across the country- just like in the movie. “I can be in the middle of nowhere and still bond with people over this movie because everyone has seen it.” And this interaction with everyone he meets has been Pope’s favorite part of his journey so far.

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