Maintaining your running routine—especially as a beginner—is undeniably hard. There are all sorts of excuses waiting to crop up in your head: from bad weather, to no company, to lazy days, and so on; we’ve all been through them at some point or the other. Even the most seasoned runners will agree that putting on your shoes and getting out of the house is possibly the hardest bit about the sport. So, for all those off-days and maybe-I-should-skip-a-run days, here are some gorgeous videos to remind you why you started running in the first place.

Grand Insights

This short film by Joel Wolpert shows you what it’s like to run through the Grand Canyon. It features Rob Krar, known to be one of the fastest people to have completed the course rim-to-rim, and what inspires him to keep running.

Finding Answers

Is curiosity what motivates us to explore our world through running? This beautiful short film, shot mostly during the 2014 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and following the stories of team athletes Rory Bosio, Timothy Olson, and Hal Koerner, tries to answer that question.

Get Real High

The 2014 Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run was one for the record books. Kilian Jornet made his Hardrock debut with a new course record against arguably the most stacked race in the event history, while race favourite Timothy Olson faced a turn of fortunes like no other. Pacer Jamil Coury records the highs and lows of Timothy’s run from Grouse Gulch to Cunningham.

Why I Run

The Marin Headlands, which sits just north of San Francisco past the Golden Gate Bridge, inspired filmmaker Luis Peña to write and direct this soaring love letter. “These mountains have taught me to notice even the smallest of things,” he writes. “Yet, it costs. The heart wants to burst, lungs strain for breath, but I run farther and farther.”

In Real Life

Brooks-sponsored runner, Ryan Vail, gives us an honest look at being a professional athlete in the world of running and how it’s not all glitz and glamor in this sport.

Run to Connect

This short film was created for the WWF’s 50th anniversary short film competition: “Life. Nature. You. Make the connection”, where it won the jury prize. It focuses on how connecting with nature can profoundly change our world view, and might just inspire us to appreciate and protect our world.

Musical Run

UK pop singer Ellie Goulding loves to run as much as she loves to sing. Nike Running collaborated with her to make a film about her music and her running while she was on tour in LA, NYC and London – and training for a half marathon with Nike+.

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