Apart from coming up with pioneering technology in shoes and apparel to make everyday training easier and more fun, some top sports brands in the world also do their bit to keep the love for running strong and going. The next time you need some quick inspiration before your run, check out these inventive campaign videos that urge you to go that extra mile.


Nike’s recent spot celebrates the power of finishing what you start. In this case, it’s a marathon. The ad showcases stragglers shuffling through the end of a race until one exhausted final face emerges. And like the champion who probably crossed the line several hours ago, this woman is about to be a winner, too.

Run More

Launched in Canada, the Adidas Run More campaign taps into the psyche of the urban runner who, despite their chaotic schedules, find a way to push through these proverbial walls, because they have to run. It focuses on that one moment every runner faces when they go from hating the sport to craving it.

Go Run It

ASICS launched its 2015 campaign with a new commercial titled “It’s A Big World. Go Run It.” The spot showcases all aspects of the running world, including road, trail, and track runners, as well as triathlons. Alongside real runners, world champion triathlete Gwen Jorgensen, 100m & 400m Olympic hurdler and sprinter Queen Harrison, elite training and fitness athlete Rosario Rios-Aguilar and elite trail runner Sissi Cussot make an appearance in the commercial.

Race the City

Making clever use of the song ‘Underdog’, this commercial from Reebok celebrates running through the launch campaign of its shoe ZQUICK. The video features runners attempting to race a subway in what appears to be an urban relay between trains, as one group of athletes parkour their way around the town before handing the baton to another in the train.

Find Your Strong

Saucony urges you to ‘find your strong’ with its campaign that aims to connect, motivate, and inspire runners everywhere. An interactive project that allows athletes and runners to share their stories, it talks about finding one’s own source of strength and inspiration during the most challenging runs. A recent off-shoot of this campaign is the Saucony’s Seeker Stories that profile unexpected runners and their philosophies.

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