Running shoe makers are trying nearly every trick in the book to gain some more loyal customers. From eco-friendly 3D-printed shoes to women’s shoes born out of year’s of research and development. We have also witnessed big brands like New Balance release 3D printed shoes, and Adidas is famously making shoes with robots!

And now Reebok has taken things to a new level with its smart billboard! Installed in Stockholm, Sweden, Reebook added technology to the billboard which enables it to tell how fast anyone moving in front of it is going. The sports giant installed a speed cam – used, among other things, to track the speed of cricket bowlers – and tracking technology to measure the pace of passers-by. So what’s the big deal? Well, anyone who ran past the billboard at over 17 kmph unlocked a brand new pair of ZPump 2.0 shoes by Reebok.

The Speed Cam equipped Reebok billboard
The speed cam-equipped Reebok billboard

Just to illustrate that it’s no easy feat running that fast, 17 kmph means you will be finishing a 5K in roughly 18 minutes. Even many experienced runners might find it hard to get that speed going. See how the challengers did in this short video:

Animal the agency behind the trick board, wanted to turn outdoor advertising into “something disruptive and unique,” according to an Adweek report. “This gives customers an instant experience, and as a brand, we’re able to provide something of real value,” Markus Schramm, a creative who worked on the project is quoted as saying.

Installed in Stockholm, Sweden
Installed in Stockholm, Sweden

Filip Lagerb√§ck, PR and social manager at Reebok Nordic, adds in the same report: “We want to inspire people to run and push their limits, even when they’re not at the gym.”

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