You watch every morsel you put into your mouth, you hit the gym with unflinching regularity and you haven’t missed a yoga class in six months. Why aren’t you losing weight? People run for a lot of reasons, but chief among them is the need to stay fit. Some runners want to remain at their peak fitness while others take up to it to shed those hard-to-burn calories. Research conducted by some institutes also suggests that weight loss is especially difficult for women as compared to men due to hormonal changes. If you’re a lady and can’t burn that flab, then don’t let this trivia deter you from getting to your fitness goals!

Continuing the women’s empowerment drive, Mobiefit is collaborating with women’s activewear brand, Zelocity by Zivame to call all female runners across India to participate in the Run To Burn Challenge. This challenge is open only to female contenders and will require the participants to cultivate a habit of running to see visible fat reduction. This means running once a week won’t make a tip in the weighing scale in your favor. If you can’t run every day of the week, aim for at least 3 days. That way you give yourself a rest day, and then back on the asphalt the day after.

The Run To Burn challenge requires participants to clock their daily run using the Mobiefit RUN app. Download the app, choose the Run To Burn challenge from the listing and join to compete. From there on, the more you run, the more calories you burn. If at the end of April you do manage to score a spot in our Top 3, then you will win vouchers from Zivame’s latest collection of Zelocity activewear. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of tips to get you to a winning start. Follow these and you are guaranteed to win the top spot!


Remember that no matter what the exercise, it only works if you are regular with it. Like we said before to cultivate a running habit, you will either have to run daily or at least thrice in a week. There’s nothing like running regularly to really make you fall in love with this activity. Trust us, the more you run, the better you will feel after it.

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Eat right

While running daily has its perks it will also leave you feeling famished. What’s more, your body craves food, and your muscles need it for repairing all the wear and tear. But as much as that bag of chips might be calling your name, a sandwich with lean meat or veggies and low fat butter would be more advisable.

Agreed nothing sounds (or tastes) as good as French fries, but no fit person would ever indulge in oily, fried food. The cravings will learn to die down as you start to feel lighter and stronger with repetitive runs. It’s your responsibility to eat well, and make sure the body is getting the right fuel to burn when running.

Keep a training schedule 

As much as you’d like to freestyle, it’s best to keep a training schedule. With a schedule, you can actually monitor your progress. It also builds up your training, one day leading to the next, so it becomes harder (mentally) to skip days.

When you are finding it hard to run, stop and take a breather with a brisk walk. Walking burns fewer calories than running, but at least your muscles won’t stiffen when you are walking. Make sure you keep your body as flexible as you can.

Run the right way

Use your arms to propel yourself and build up speed. Running fast with a good rhythm burns a lot more calories than just jogging or running at steady pace. Learn to build speed using natural techniques such as shorter strides, faster cadence, and an upright running position.

We hope these 4 simple steps help you strategize your runs better and win the Run To Burn challenge. Lace up, and happy running!

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