The February RUN challenges were tough to crack, but our champions made it look like a walk in the park! So congratulations winners! Along with the mobiefit RUN Distance Challenge, Fastest 5 km and Fastest 10 km, we had two new exciting challenges in the month of Feb. The Superwoman RUN Challenge was exclusively for the ladies and the RUN Half Marathon or Fastest 21 km was for all the avid marathon enthusiasts. So here we finally have it, the champions for the mobiefit RUN February Challenges!

February Distance Challenge 

The February Challenges were all about finding the love and passion for running. In the Distance Challenge the participants had to run the most distance before February 28th 2017. With over 100 runners competing in this challenge, it looked like it was going to be a close call. But with a total of 305 km, Praneet Rane from Pune took the title. Shiva from Jodhpur came in distant second with a total of 209km, while third place went to Sunil from Mumbai who clocked 208 km. All the winners win Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1000.

February Half Marathon ( 21 km)

The Half Marathon Challenge was for runners who are committed to running longer distances. Many marathon enthusiasts participated in this challenge. Rahul Parihar from Agra completed the half marathon in a record breaking 1: 44 minutes. In second place we have Shiva from Jodhpur giving a close competition with his running time of 1:45 minutes. In third place we have Samar Abdul from Delhi who completed the 21 kms in just 1:55 minutes. Our top winner goes home with Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1,500 while the runners up win vouchers worth Rs 500 .

Superwoman Challenge

And giving the guys a tough competition, we have the ladies in the Feb Superwoman Challenge! The participants in this challenge competed with each other to complete the maximum distance and the lady who ran the distance of 101 kms in least amount of time is Saranya Ranganath from Bangalore. The first runner up is Ranjana from Delhi, who also ran the same distance of 101 kms. Second runner up is Sonal D’Silva, from Bangalore who finished with 67 kms. The top 3 winners win exciting Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1000.

February Fastest 10 Km Challenge

The Fastest 10 km challenge requires the participants to finish the 10 km in the least amount of time. Heading the leaderboard is Parul Gahlot from Delhi, who finished the challenge in 33 minutes. Next we have Ranjana who completed the 10 kms in 34 minutes. Third place goes to Uppender Mishra from Palanpur who finished the run in 35 minutes. All the winners win rewards from Amazon.

February Fastest 5 Km Challenge

Finishing a 5 km Challenge in record breaking time is no joke. Yet we have Dhruv Darji from Mumbai who finished the run in merely 14 minutes! In the second spot we have again, Shiva from Jodhpur who completed the run in 14 minutes and 15 seconds. Third place was taken by Deepak Mishra from Chennai who finished the run in 15 minutes.

If you are still contemplating on running, get started now! Download the mobiefit RUN app for Android and iOS and keep your running dream alive. Participate in the running challenges for March 2017 and you could be featured in the mobiefit Hall of Fame.

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