One of mobiefit RUN’s most ardent runners Sandy Bangera had been logging great many kilometres in the #RunForRio challenge last month.

Although Sandy missed out on the grand prize, he was in the lead for a number of days before our eventual winner Kaushal Chauhan took over. But Sandy is not the kind of be disheartened. He has his eyes set on running glory and continues to churn out the kilometres just like before! We reached out to him to understand what makes him tick and to know his running story.

When did you start running and how often do you run?
I have been running since I was a kid, school, college… you name it. After joining work it became less frequent, but usually I manage to run four times a week whether I am in town or abroad.

What do you love most about running?
Well, running is all about freedom. Freedom to run, to be alone, without a care in world. Not troubled by anyone or anything. It’s just me and the road. It’s a fitness buddy, stress-buster…you can name it anything. And running with friends and family is always a special moment for me.

Who is your running inspiration or someone you admire and look up to? And why?
When I was a kid I saw Carl Lewis on TV at the Los Angeles Olympics (1984). His feat really made me fall in love with track and field. Then I have read about the heroics of Sebastian Coe and Jesse Owens, which only increased my faith in running. In school and college, I looked up to a lot of my seniors and they surely helped me whenever they could when it came to running. Nowadays, most marathoners, especially the runners from Africa, are a treat to watch.


mobiefit RUN regular runner Sandy Bangera
mobiefit RUN regular runner Sandy Bangera


Which spots in your city do you love running in?
I am from Mumbai and I prefer running near my house in Malad (a north Mumbai suburb) is fantastic. Then there is Aarey Milk Colony in Goregaon if you want to try some uphill roads.

How has running helped you in your professional or working life?
Running has helped me become fit and sharp in all my activities, professionally and personally. Sometimes, running is the topic of discussion during meetings, cutting the monotony of our daily office life. Some of my best presentations are based on examples related to running.

What’s your running dream (i.e any running event or marathon you wish to finish)?
Well, going to Rio was a dream… or any Olympic games for that matter. But sometimes you win it, sometimes you don’t. Running marathons are always fun, and one day will try to run the NYC Marathon (work in progress) or maybe running at least one marathon each in every continent.

What was your first marathon experience like?
My first marathon was the most tiring run, but also the most exciting, especially after finishing it. The pain, agony…all disappeared as soon as I crossed the finish line.

How has mobiefit helped you become fitter?
I think mobiefit is a good app but still has issues. I have given a lot of feedback to your product team, and I’m sure they are working towards making it a flawless app soon. In my opinion, you should also push it amongst cyclists, as it is based on GPS tracking.

Many of the pro runners use foreign apps and gadgets to record and update their progress. With so many small marathons happening every month, mobiefit RUN will be hit with the masses, if you target the amateurs or beginners.

What would you tell anyone who is on the fence about running?
My advice to those sitting on the fence is simple: just jump over and start running. You will start enjoying it very soon and understand what you were actually missing in life. Just start running now!

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