Ganesh Chenna transformed his life by starting running and is now a regular at marathons and events in Mumbai. As part of his daily rigour Chenna began using mobiefit RUN and is one of the top 10 winners of our #RunForRio contest, which concluded last month. Here’s Ganesh, speaking about his journey and his daily routine, when it comes to running.

When did you start running and how often do you run?
I started running in the month of July 2015 and now I run two days in the weekdays and one long run on Sundays, along with 3 days of strength training at the gym.

What do you love most about running?
I love running because its helps me to be fit and energetic. It has helped me meet running buddies who are very positive in their daily life.

What’s your favorite running story or memory?
It has to be the my first 10K run at the Monsoon 10K Run in Chembur, Mumbai. I enrolled and started the race 15 minutes late! Due to the excitement of the run the next day, I wasn’t able to sleep at night. Eventually when I fell asleep, I couldn’t wake up despite all the alarms and reminders. I was running alone till the 5K mark and then I overtook some of the trailing runners one by one, which gave me the confidence to complete the race in the same pace. Once I finished race it was one of the greatest feelings to have achieved this milestone as a 10K finisher.

Who is your running inspiration or someone you admire and look up to?
My father’s medical condition made me understand that fitness has to be my first priority, so as a New Year resolution in 2015 I took fitness as a new way of life. One day I realised that getting fit is okay, but why am I doing this really, and that’s when I decided to train for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in 2016. My first marathon was a life-changing experience

Ganesh after finishing the Monsoon Run in Mumbai
Ganesh after finishing the Monsoon Run in Mumbai

Which spots in your city do you love running in?
I am from Mumbai, and I love the Queen’s Necklace (Marine Drive) and Worli Sea Face.

How has running helped you in your professional or working life?
Running has changed the way people look at you and it has helped in positive decision making in everyday activities. More importantly it has helped me overcome professional and personal challenges.

What’s your running dream?
My dream is to keep running rest of my life and inspire non-runners to get going as I am a strong believer now that running is a life-changing medicine. Remember to run for yourself.

After trying mobiefit RUN, what is your impression of the app?
The app is truly one of a kind, and really helpful for new and amateur runners who want to run and keep learning about this fantastic things it does. Thanks to mobiefit; it has encouraged me through the unique training programs and new addition of FreeRuns, due to which I have fallen in love with the daily routine of running

What would you advise anyone who is on the fence about running?
Anyone who is new to running needs to follow the mobiefit running training programs, through which one can learn new things about running and the secret to staying fit and young.

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