Avocado toast is having something of a moment in the health food scene. It is the star of snacks these days and that’s no surprise — what could be better than buttery, ripe avocado smashed onto hearty, crusty sourdough bread or any type of bread for that matter. Not only does it taste incredible, but the combination of healthy fats and fibre is also very satisfying no matter what time of day hunger strikes.

All you need for this amazing snack is a perfectly ripe avocado, some sourdough bread or any variety you like, Sriracha or chili sauce, cucumbers, tomatoes and some salt and pepper.

  • Toast the bread. Spread half a regular sized avocado per slice of bread.
  • Lightly drop Sriracha across the avocado.
  • Slice cucumbers and tomatoes and place on top.
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • And now the toughest step of them all: Try not to eat 10 more slices.

    Bon appètit!

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