The Paleo diet or the caveman diet is based on the principle of eating what Paleolithic man ate. Essentially, it is a high protein and high fibre diet; it doesn’t include any dairy or any grains and primarily relies on lean meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds. While it may not be wholly advisable to take this up as your primary diet – after all, Paleo may end up making you gain weight, according to research in recent times – but it’s not a bad idea to incorporate a Paleo diet in one meal every now and then.

One great thing about Paleo diet is that it contains barely any refined foods, minimal sugar or any trans fats. It’s also not that difficult to stick to, as long as you prep for that one meal you want. It’s always a great idea to mix-and-match your diets to achieve the perfect sense of balance, because no one diet can give you that. So we’re going to give you a simple Paleo breakfast recipe to test the waters. This time it’s a green citrus smoothie.

What you will need:
• Fistful of spinach
• One orange
• 50-80 grams of pineapple
• 200 ml coconut water
• One blob of ginger

Blitz all of this in a blender, and drink immediately before the pulverized pulp settles down.

Chase this smoothie with some more Paleo options. You may go for one hard boiled egg or some smoked salmon or a small bowl of olives

The green smoothie is a perfect kickstart to the day. It energizes you and gives you a healthy boost in the morning, and keeps your metabolism going. The remaining breakfast also gives you enough energy to last easily till lunch or even beyond.

Main image: Pixabay

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