We all know that music makes workouts so much better, but does it actually make you want to exercise more regularly and stick to your schedule? Does the right kind of music influence the frequency with which you work out?

A new study published in Sports Medicine–Open suggests that the “use of personalized music playlists with tempo-pace synchronization increases adherence to cardiac rehab by almost 70 percent.”

Put simply, it means introducing tempo-pace synchronized music into an exercise program can result in significantly greater activity volume than is the case without music.

“Cardiac rehab has been proven to improve long-term survival for someone who’s had a heart event by 20 percent,” said Dr David Alter, Senior Scientist at Toronto Rehab’s University Health Network, and Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences. Alter’s team studied the role of music in exercise activity to reduce the dropout rates in the cardiac rehab program.

Each research subject’s personalized playlist was the music genre they enjoyed with tempos that matched their pre-determined walking or running pace. Thirty-four cardiac rehabilitation patients participated in the study, with one-third of the patients not given any music, while the other two-thirds had devices with personalized music playlists. A further half of the latter group received tempo-pace synchronized audio with modified music playlists embedded with extra rhythmic beats in a process called rhythmic auditory stimulation (RAS), which was postulated to enhance the tempo-pace synchronization.

The results clearly prove that music plays a big role in working out. Subjects who used the personalized music playlists with tempo-pace synchronization did an average of 105.4 minutes more exercise than patients who did not use music. Patients who received the modified playlists showed even greater increase, achieving 261.1 minutes or more of weekly physical activity than other subjects, which resulted in a 70 per cent increase in weekly exercise.

So it’s certain that the right kind of music can lead you to exercise more regularly. With the FirstRun app, you can choose the music that you want to run with, thanks to the integrated music player. So the next time you head out on a run, remember to get the right music and you are likely to enjoy your workouts more, and start running more regularly.

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