Kainaz Messman is the boss lady at Theobroma Patisserie in Mumbai. In a little over 10 years Kainaz has built a brand with a loyal following, with more and more people falling in love with what Theobroma has to offer. Delectable desserts, breads, quiches and the most perfect macaroons are what the patisserie is known for. Despite running a massive business, Kainaz is an avid runner, having run several marathons. FirstRun caught up with her to try and get a peek into what her running schedule is like. Here’s a peep into a runner’s world.

When did you fall in love with running?
Several years ago I spent a year in the beautiful French countryside of the South of France. During that year I also became passionate about food and started running to burn off the extra calories and enjoy the food I was consuming. But soon running became equally important because it not only made me feel amazing, it made me think clearly, it allowed me to introspect, it gave me “me” time and it also made me see the Country, the people, the culture in a way no amount of sightseeing would allow the day I realized this is the day I fell in love with running. It became my go to place to just make me happy. It’s been 17 years since and although I do not run as much as I used to I still run every day and I have never got tired of running.

Kainaz Messman founded a baking empire, and is a long-time runner (Image: UpperCrust)


Do you run in the morning or evening? What time?
I always run in the early mornings. The earlier the better but no later than 6.30 am because I live in a big city and I love to run before the city wakes up, when there are hardly any people in the street and hardly any traffic. Plus the weather is always cooler which allows me to run for longer.

Is there something you snack on before you go for a run?
A small banana or half a big one, and maybe some coconut water or plain water… Hydration before a run is important so at least 45 minutes before a run I try and drink 700-800 ml. of water.

How long do you typically run for?
An hour; that’s the time I want to dedicate just for myself

Do you listen to music while running?
No, never. Running is my time to be with myself; to think and to enjoy my company. No distractions. Plus to run well you need to focus on your breathing and posture and your core. Music takes away from that and also spoils the peace. My running coach has always trained me to run long distances without music and so now I prefer it this way.

Do you run in the gym or outdoors?
Always outdoors. I hate the gym, it’s boring. Running is my religion and I would always want to practice it in bright sunshine.

Do you stretch before your run?
I know you are meant to but besides a few isometric stretches like high kicks I just break right into my run. However I always stretch after a run. I also do a little bit of yoga or a swim which relaxes all the muscles.

What do you do right after your run?
I stretch for about 15 minutes and then drink lots of coconut water – nature’s isotonic drink.

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