Often we see running movies take the serious route, so it’s great to see something funny around our favourite activity. Because Run, Fat Boy, Run is just that – a funny take on how running can set you back on course in life.

The Fat Boy in question is Dennis, played brilliantly by British actor Simon Pegg, a typical modern overweight bloke, someone we may have come across at some point in our lives. There’s nothing exceptional about Dennis’s life – except that he left his ex-girlfriend Libby (Thandie Newton) at the altar, and that he’s living for pizzas and cigarettes.

Things take a turn when he realises his mistake (duh!) and tries to win back his ex. But first he has to contend with Libby’s current boyfriend, a handsome, attentive and, importantly, fit financier played by Hank Azaria, who Dennis can’t hope to match up to. Unless, of course, he starts running and finishes a marathon, beating said financier. We would love to say you will be surprised by the resolution of Pegg’s face-off with Azaria over Newton, but rather predictably our erstwhile Fat Boy ends up winning the girl. However, we’ll let you to see for yourself whether he actually wins the marathon.

The core of the film is about Dennis’ attempt at becoming a runner – through stumbles and funny episodes – motivated by a motley cast including Indian actor Harish Patel. This is where it truly shines, keeping you engaged with its smart script and Pegg’s wonderful turn. The witty repartee is particularly great. No surprise as it’s directed by David Schwimmer of Friends fame.

When it comes to the performance of the actors, Pegg is his usual flamboyant self, and carries the movie, as can be expected. But there’s also a true sincerity in his portrayal of Dennis who goes from being the unmotivated and lazy potato to a determined marathoner – something we know a thing or two about. Overall Run, Fat Boy, Run is a fun and unconventional take on running, a welcome change in our opinion.

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