What you eat on the day of the marathon (and a few days before) is crucial for your performance. There are many do’s and don’ts and we are going to list them out for you.

Here’s what you should keep in mind regarding food a few days before your big run.

If you’ve been training for your run, you probably have been eating the right kinds of food. Just a few days before the marathon make sure you eat lean protein like chicken or fish with some carbohydrates added to each meal. These can be in the form of vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, breads, or legumes. Remember to stay away from processed foods, fats, and fried foods, since these foods only weigh you down. Try to keep your food intake healthy and fresh. Dairy products can create gastrointestinal issues for some runners, so eat them only if you know they agree with you.

As the big day rolls in, stay away from a heavy dinner the night before. Your largest meal pre-race should be two nights before the race. This is because a lot of runners get anxious about the run a night before and anxiety compromises digestion, which in turn can have disastrous results the next day. As a runner you do not want to start the run feeling full and uncomfortable. And if you feel a junk craving coming on, try healthy versions of popular snacks, so that your taste buds and your body are thankful.

The trick to feeling on top of your game on the day of the run is to eat a breakfast that you’ve been eating all through training. There are too many risks involved with eating or trying something new on the day of the race. Give your body the food that it is used to. Essentially this can be toast and some eggs whites with either water or an energy drink. Make sure that you consume this 2-3 hours before the race and not later. Keep sipping water till 30 minutes before the race as this helps the digestion process.

During the race, you need to make sure you remain well hydrated. If you’re drinking an energy drink, it is crucial that you drink it the way you have been all through your training. No need for excesses on the big day of the marathon.

We hope this helps you prep for future marathons you run. Lace up and happy running!

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