Despite the exertion of the run, runners come away with a smile, because that’s what running does to you. The effect of the endorphin release after a longish run lasts nearly all day, and it ends up making you less stressed. No wonder runners always look sprightly and active after a run. And that’s something Aradhana Walkade can vouch for.

When did you start running?
I started running at the age of 19. I was into martial arts and yoga, so running was a part of the routine throughout. Now, I run thrice a week.

What do you love most about running?
The thing I love most is experiencing the runner’s high after a run. Running is a fantastic stress-buster & helps me focus on my daily work. I also enjoy the ‘me-time’ for that 1 hour when I’m running.

Why did you start running? What are the challenges you face?
Besides achieving fitness, I was looking to lose some weight by running. The biggest challenge that I face while running is achieving consistency due to injuries. Running without getting injured is the biggest challenge. I usually run empty stomach in the mornings, and like sugarcane juice or any fresh fruit juice after the run.

Where do you usually run?
Due to the harsh weather in Goa, I like to run indoor on a treadmill. Also, in the rainy season it’s pretty uncomfortable to run outside. However, a running experience that I still remember and love is the experience of running at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro.

What do you hope to achieve through running?
I would love to participate in marathons and trail runs. FirstRun should start a running group to encourage other runners. It would be wonderful to be running with a group or a buddy who can push you or motivate you to keep running.

Main image: Aaron

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