As more and more people get into running, the spirit and camaraderie on display brings together like-minded runners to form running clubs or groups. It’s not just about getting fit, or running regularly for these groups, as their activities stretch beyond running and into social aspects well.

From sharing running routes across the city to race information and marathon tips, these running clubs have nurtured several award winners and veterans, even as they continue to encourage newer generations and members to sign up for the sport. For beginners, a running club can be that extra motivation to get running, and there’s a big upside to joining a club for those unfamiliar with the city. If you’re looking for running buddies in the city, try out one of these popular clubs across the country.

Striders is a fitness training group that stresses on fitness and competitions with specialised training leading up to major running events. With over 40 trainers helping train individuals of various levels of fitness, different age groups, and restrictions, you are sure to get running in all situations. With presence in 12 major cities of India, including Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Pune and Bangalore, Striders train individuals as well as corporate organizations for upcoming marathons. The group claims over 800 runners in India are training with them. Striders are instrumental in organizing runs, athletic meets for schools and road races – 10k, 21k , marathons and other categories – as well as summer sports camps for children and students. Hiranandani-Thane Half Marathon and Run Powai Run are organised by Striders.

Runners for Life
From trail runs to corporate relays to multi-city running tours in India, Runners For Life has created a niche for itself among running clubs in the country. The group loves the phrase ‘the more the merrier’ and their main goal is to spread the message of running as a way of life. Puma Urban Stampede, Kaveri Trail Run and the Bangalore Ultra are some of the events organised by RFL, and they train runners throughout the year. Overall, Runners For Life, which calls itself the largest running community in India, has organized over 30 events in the last 8 years.

The Mumbai Road Runners team
The Mumbai Road Runners team

Mumbai Road Runners
A non profit group of passionate runners whose aim is to promote running in Mumbai, Road Runners organize group runs, events like relay races, half marathons, 10k races, 5K races, bootcamps, yoga sessions for runners, non-running cross training sessions and activities like football, volleyball, handball, rock climbing, trekking etc.

The group runs a half marathon every first sunday of the month starting three years ago, and has grown in size since then. If you are training for the SCMM, this group is ideal for you as they mimic about 90% of the Mumbai Marathon route in training. They also organise the Runners’ Bash and also have Running awards, which has been ongoing for 3 years.

Delhi Runners
Delhi Runners is a running group from Delhi and around. They have member from in and around Delhi. They might be coming from different background and culture but they definitely share a common passion for running. They run for fitness and for competitions. Delhi runners train for events like half marathon or a marathon. all runners can get in touch with them via discussions, blogs, messages( social networking site), groups, etc.

Grand Prix Run, being held on December 13, 2015 at the Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida, is being organised by the Delhi Runners. The venue of the historic Indian Grand Prix Formula 1 race track offers a 5.125 km course for the 21k, 10k, 5k, 3k, corporate and relay runs.

Delhi Runners out in numbers
Delhi Runners out in numbers

PaceMakers is a group of spirited runners of all abilities – experienced in everything from 5K to Marathon. With a mix of novice and experienced trainers and the the leadership and guidance of Coach Pani – an ex-IAF athlete, PaceMakers aims to improve performance and help new runners avoid sports injury using Principles of Training such as The Overload Principle, Specificity, Periodization, Reversibility etc. If all that sounds too technical, PaceMakers’ experts will take you through the training in a systematic manner, developed specifically for you.

Having started in 2012, PaceMakers runners performed excellently at the Bangalore TCS World 10K, and the SCMM. It’s earned a reputation of being a well-disciplined, focused and committed group with coaches like Neera Katwal and Thomas Bobby Philip in their midst.

Main Image: Kaveri Trail Marathon | Runners For Life

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