Butt kicks are a great way to tone up your glutes and strengthen your gluteal and hamstring muscles. It’s really simple and doesn’t really need any weight or equipment, and with some variations, you can increase the intensity of the workout too. And the motion of the exercise mimics your running gait, so it’s very beneficial for runners who are working on improving their form.

Stand still with your knees close to each other. And bend your knee backwards in such a way that it touches your buttocks and return to your starting point. Make sure your knee goes backward in a straight line and not to your sides, as that could result in knee injuries and hip problems. Repeat the same with the left leg. Continue it for 15 minutes and try to increase the pace at which you bend your knee backwards.

When you are ready to take it up a notch, do the butt kicks while you are doing your routine brisk walks before and after a run. This will get you primed for the most advanced way to perform butt kicks.

To add further complexity to the exercise, start by jogging at an easy pace, and while you are running try to flex your right knee to perform the butt kick. This is an intense way of performing butt kicks, and needs you to be well coordinated and balanced. It will help improve your range of motion and increase your cadence. Moreover, your hamstrings will contract forcefully while you are simultaneously running and doing butt kicks, thus conditioning it for greater exertion.

And finally, you could add an plyometric element to your butt kicks by doing double butt kicks, which require extreme agility and experience. For this, you have to start at the usual position, but jump vertically and bend your knees backwards. Reverse the action as you are coming down, but be careful with your timing. It’s best to perform the jumping butt kicks with a friend or instructor present to make sure your timing is inch-perfect.

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