Abdominal exercises that work all the muscles in your core can be a godsend if you are interested in getting that enviable six-pack midriff. Workouts for a powerful core are just as important to help you progress in a meaningful manner. A strong core is crucial for supporting different types of weight-lifting workouts, so your fitness journey begins with workouts for a powerful core, and as a result you get those well-defined abs as well.

Push ups are great for a daily workout, but have you tried dumbbell push ups? Here’s Shashwath Gowda showing you to utilize dumbbells to the max! This is a great exercise to make your core stronger and improve upper body strength. Start by assuming the push up position with light dumbbells. Perform a regular push up and then row with left arm. Do sets of 4 with 16 reps for each arm.

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