Looking to gift that special runner in your life something useful? It can be a hard decision considering all the gear out in the market today, but if you’re even vaguely tuned into their running sensibilities, you’ll probably be able to come up with something perfect for their next race or practice run. From attire that lets them run in any weather, to gadgets, gizmos and accessories, gifts for runners enhance their sport and help them keep doing what they love.

Runner’s glasses
This delightful pair of wine glasses from Etsy to reminisce those many races you started and finished. Perfect for hydration before race day!

These handy lightweight covers help keep the mud, pebbles and rocks out of your shoes while on a trail. Perfect for those who love to explore new running tracks on the weekends.

The Transition and Seat Wrap
A seat cover and changing towel in one, the Transition & Seat Wrap stays around your waist securely via a built in belt clip. It also has a zip on hoodie, which you can slip over your car seat back so that you don’t get it sweaty.

Running journal
Perfect for beginners and those thinking of entering competitive races, the running journals by Gone for a Run, come in different designs and styles. They include pages for daily training logs, motivational quotes, along with goals, weekly & monthly mileage summary, race log, bucket list + race registration logs. Check out their entire range here.

Spill-proof glass bottles
There are few things as important as staying hydrated on a run. These reusable bottles are available with a flip or a classic cap, and a wide range of happy colours.

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