We’re already seeing a lot of interest in our Events feature and to give all those on-the-fence runner some extra incentive to sign up for the Goa River Marathon, we are providing massive discounts on your next travels.

Starting now when you register through the FirstRun app for the Goa River Marathon races and marathons, you will get a chance to win OYO Rooms vouchers with absolutely no restrictions.

All you have to do is sign up for the marathon in Goa through the FirstRun app and wait for our email which gives you the OYO Rooms coupon code. Use the OYO coupons to book any property or hotel for any number of days at any destination in India. Take full advantage of the coupon to save without any upper limit on the 20 percent discount amount. Registration starts as low as Rs 171 and you stand a chance to win a 20 percent discount voucher from OYO Rooms with no restrictions. So after your heroic run in Goa, you can not only save while travelling but also look great doing it.

Get started by downloading FirstRun and checking out our new Events feature. Here you can sign up for any of the Goa River Marathon races and wait for us to contact you on your email.

The Goa River Marathon, in its 6th year, and registrations for the 2015 edition are currently ongoing. The marathon which is run alongside the famed Zuari river, is scheduled for December 13, and registrations close on December 10, 2015.

With FirstRun you can take the first steps by training for 5Ks and 10Ks, and we also have a running store so you could get the right gear to start off. We followed it up with RunDoctor, an affordable on-demand solution for injury prevention and management.

The acclaimed Goa River Marathon
The acclaimed Goa River Marathon

As one of the premier running events in the country, the Goa River Marathon offers prize money for winners, so in addition to the OYO coupons you can also win cash prizes if you are good enough to beat the field. Last year in the Half Marathon Open Category men and women winners won Rs.50,000 each, while 2nd position won Rs 25,000 each, and 3rd place finishers won Rs 15,000 each. In addition, the top Indian finishers in both men and women were awarded Rs 25,000. In the 10K run (men and women) winners were awarded Rs 15,000, followed by Rs 10,000, and Rs 5,000 for the second, and third place respectively. The event also awards prizes for different age groups such as 45-55 years, 55-65 years and 65 plus.

Register now through the FirstRun app.

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