Most runners agree that despite their love for running, some days there’s just not enough motivation to run. It may be because you find your routine stale and boring, or it could just be a seven-day itch to take a break. But trust us when we say that running when you feel like you can’t do it, is the most rewarding type of run. But if you are feeling frustrated about running the same 5K course every day, then you can sure use some help in spicing things up. Here are six quickfire ways to get there.

Change of pace
You may find it hard at first, but do a Fartlek routine instead of a simple run. What’s Fartlek? Well, it’s Swedish for Speed Play and it should instill a great sense of confidence in you, especially when it comes to the pace of your running. If you think you are not ready to take on faster runs, a Fartlek is exactly the thing for you. Most days a jog is enough, but sometimes a change in tempo is just what the doctor ordered.

Image: Joe
Change up your running speed every now and then to keep the magic alive (Image: Joe)

Change of place
The second solution is simply about finding new running spots. If you are in a city, you will find no dearth of options for running, but being in countryside or in a rural setting also provides you with ample opportunity to discover new trails. If your new running hotspot is in the wild, make sure you are well-prepared for the trail and its unique challenges. In a city, new running spots will give you a fresh perspective of the place and can even help you organise your thoughts while cutting through the hustle-bustle.

Find a buddy
Running alone is great to gather your thoughts and find that extra slice of solitude. But sometimes you need to talk aloud when running, and bounce off your ideas of a friend or a partner. No, don’t talk to strangers on your jog, instead convince a friend to come along, and it could be your special bonding time. Runners naturally gravitate towards each other and it could help you become closer as friends, even when you are not running. If you are finding it hard to convince a friend, join a running club. They are a godsend on days when running feels like a heavy weight on your shoulders.

Image: Mike Baird
Find a running buddy to keep yourself motivated (Image: Mike Baird)

Set a goal
While running alone, it’s easy to let your thoughts drift off and lose your focus. Instead set ‘invisible’ goals, such as, for example, lapping that roadside breakfast cart before the line shortens by five people or doing two rounds of the park before the dog-walker does one. Identify things around you as your goals and try to get yourself in a competitive frame of mind to freshen up your run.

Race away
A dreary weekend is on the horizon, but your neighbourhood’s 10K race is still open for registration. Sign up and prepare for the run. It may be the boost you need to go to a greater height and it could also solidify your intention of running competitively. And if it’s your first 10K, you should follow these steps to ensure it’s a successful one.

Image: Elvert Barnes
Pick a 10K to get your competitive juices going (Image: Elvert Barnes)

Tune in
When you are running, the right kind of music can ‘automagically’ set right your tempo, cadence and strikes. Run to the beat and you will find your rhythm matches that of the songs. And if that’s not enough motivation, you should know that music that’s in sync with your running tempo will get you to run more regularly. So don’t balk at the thought of running with earphones, it’s actually good for you!

Main image: DaveTriing

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