You might think aerobic step workouts are only for women, but they are not so exclusive that men can’t try it out. So before we get started on explaining why it’s so great, it’s important to remember that even though it’s viewed as a feminine exercise, the benefits apply equally for men, and is a well-recommended way to energise your body and heart. So don’t worry about how you may look while you doing step workouts – just do it because it makes you fitter.

If you do have a stepper, then you can do these exercises right at home on each week day when you get between 20 minutes to an hour for yourself. We recommend early morning step workouts as they really capitalise on the high metabolism and truly can kick-start each working day.

We’ll get into showing you how to do different step workouts on each weekday, so you can get ready for weekend runs, or the gym session, when you get the time for them. And by mixing them up, we ensure that they don’t become mundane. So let’s get into what steps workouts do for you.


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All-round workout

Step workouts or step aerobics is more than seeing how fast you can jump up and down off a certain height. With a well-rounded program you can manage your weight, tone muscles thanks to balance routines, and even burn up to 10 calories a minute, because it requires a lot of movement. Regular sessions on the step will provide a cardiovascular workout and improve muscular endurance just the same.

Improved balance

Incorporating upper and lower body movements together also works wonders for your coordination and agility. The constant push up onto the step will increase lower body strength, make your foot muscles stronger and tendons more agile, without any fragility. In addition, you can increase the intensity of your workouts easily, just increase the height a few cm or go in with weights, or simply extend the time of your workout with the requisite recovery intervals.

Get the step

The only hurdle in step exercises is getting the actual accessory i.e the step. If you have a gym membership, you will have easy access to one. We found a few on Amazon and Flipkart for Indian buyers.

Some precautions before doing aerobic step workouts on your own or by following videos: Make sure your step is sturdy and provides ample foot space so that you don’t fall off of it while exercising. Also, wear a comfortable but well-fitted pair of shoes – going barefoot could be extremely painful for beginners. Shoes help you avoid slippage, give you a larger footprint thus helping balance. You can go minimal after a few weeks with a well cushioned shoe.

Cardio & Strength 

This 40-minute workout uses a combination of cardio and strength exercises for both the upper and lower body. The routine consists of two different sets of 10 minutes, which are repeated twice. This results in a 4 x 10 minute step workout. Each set is followed by a short break.

HIIT + Weights 

This is a full-blown interval workout that gets both your cardio and strength training in order with the use of weights. It starts with eight minutes of cardio to pump up the blood flow before moving on to four HIIT routines with weights. Remember to warm up and cool down adequately for this workout.

Extreme Hour

This is a mix of fast-paced aerobic step workouts that offer concise toning and vigorous aerobic exercise. Crafted with one-minute intervals, the movements are constantly changing and include leaps, propulsions, power squats and straddle jumps, or jumping from a straddle to the top of the bench. Solid toning sections feature classic floor and strength routines. Some exercises will require moderate hand weights.

Fitter in 20

This no-fuss step workout is suitably intense and packs in a lot of activity within 20 minutes. It’s a great, flexible workout when you’re strapped for time, but also relatively simple for beginners to pick up at their own pace.

The Calorie Killer 

This explosive but conveniently short workout is an effective mix of cardio and plyo. Expect lots of squats, jump squats, side squats, and lunge movements in this workout that places high demand on your quads, glutes and hamstrings. If you’re a runner, this workout is excellent cross-training to add more power to your legs and increase your running speed.

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