While the internet is flooded with articles on “ lose weight” , there is still a vast majority that is struggling to put on a few pounds. Adding size can just be as challenging as losing weight for some people. Many tread the path of “ dirty bulk”, which involves binge eating on fattening and high caloric foods such as fried foods and ice cream. Sure, this will help you put on weight but it comes with health consequences like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Joy Dubost, RD spoke to Bodybuilding.com on the smarter and healthier ways to weight gain.”Gaining weight, much like losing weight, is about more than the number on the scale,” she says. “How you get there is as important as hitting your goal.”

Mindful Eating

Though piling up large amounts of food is tempting, you need to pick quality over quantity when you are trying to increase weight. Binge eating will not do much except make you feel bloated and unmotivated. Instead look for nutrient dense foods such as nuts and avocados to add to your meal and snacks. This way you will not be blindly filling up your day with empty calories but will actually contribute to your nutritional intake. To increase your calories further, add sauces, oils, soy/milk powder, and other toppings to your meals.

Eat More Often

At the end of the day, the only way to see a definite change in the scale is to eat more. Though some might find it helpful to increase portion sizes, this technique may leave others feeling uncomfortably full. In the later case, try eating smaller meals and snacks throughout the day instead of sticking to the big three. Keep tabs on your calorie intake by tracking it throughout the day with the help of a calorie calculator. This will help you to figure out what your calorie needs are and how to spread them out throughout the day.

Stronger bones and improved muscle power
By setting up a smaller series of goals you will be able to track your progress and get a hang of understanding your edge and how to push past it.

Have Specific Goals

Setting up a vague goal by saying “I want to gain weight” is ineffective without a proper roadmap. You need to figure out why you want to gain weight and only them will you be able to set up a set of realistic goals. Do you want to gain weight because you have a low BMI? Or do you want to gain muscle to bulk up? Either way, think about what your ideal weight should be in accordance with your goals. Having a specific goal will help you track progress more easily.

While setting goals, make sure they are measurable. You can either use the scale and measurements to track your achievements or you can also set up performance-based goals. But keep in mind to set up up achievable goals. Create a series of smaller goals that you can reach as you progress. Set up a week-by-week calendar on how much weight you need to gain or what performance goals you can hit. It will be a new challenge every week, but after following this for a couple of weeks, you will get a hang of understanding your edge and how to push past it.

Genes Could Be The reason

Our musculature and body structure is largely decided by genetics. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is impossible to break away from the family tree, but you need to consider this to set up realistic goals. For example, if your family has super-skinny arms, then it’s possible that you can do very little to overcome this. Embrace this reality and build muscle to the degree you can.

Take it slow

Weight gain won’t happen overnight. One of the most common mistakes that many athletes do is set up an accelerated timeframe to reach their goal weight. Don’t bulk up by eating junk, instead invest time in clean eating to see positive results.

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