Search for ‘run’ in the Play Store and the first result will probably be Temple Run 2. If only you were looking for a great running game.

Yes, we wanted to change that. Stuff India begins its review of the all-new FirstRun app with that little nugget. And yes, that’s some commentary on what we like doing on our smartphones. We love to play games where we are running, but actual running that requires time and effort is not something that will appeal to everyone. But that’s the point of FirstRun. Stuff’s review was a great impetus for FirstRun, and here are a few extracts from the whole text.

FirstRun has been made from the ground-up keeping in mind beginner runners. Immediately upon installation, it will ask whether you want a nine week program that will train you to run 30 minutes non-stop or a 12 week program that will train you to run for 65 minutes non-stop. Pick one and off you go.

Once you begin a session, the display just shows the time, the activity and three buttons for controlling the session, music and lock screen. Minimal and utilitarian, we like.

There are plenty of great running apps in the Play Store like Runtastic, Runkeeper and Nike Running. The beginner focus and the celebrity element in FirstRun though put it on top of our week’s must-have apps list.

We created FirstRun to make it simple for anyone to start running. It’s meant to be as easy to use as any mobile game and requires only a little effort to begin. We are glad that this is something most reviewers agree with. Try out FirstRun today, by heading to the Play Store and downloading it for free.

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