Summer has officially arrived in the subcontinent, which means so have high temperatures and sweaty runs. Even if you choose the coolest time of the day to get your workout done, it’s hard to escape the humidity that tends to make most outdoor workouts uncomfortable. Luckily, apparel companies the world over are striving to make hot-weather workouts more palatable through innovations in fabric technology and other wearables. Here are some of the latest examples of running gear that are specifically designed to keep you cool.

Oiselle Mio Mesh Tank
If you prefer tanks for summer instead of T-shirts, Oiselle’s Mio Mesh tank makes for the perfect addition to your sports wardrobe. Made from extremely lightweight fabric, the top’s double mesh construction allows for breathability and air-flow, which is what you want on days that have high humidity. Designed with classy lines and available in four colors, this top also works as a regular outfit that you can wear through the season.

Adidas Climachill Shorts
These regular-fit polyester shorts only offer breathable comfort for humid summers. The Climachill technology keeps you cool with its mesh-like fabric and titanium fibers that channel heat away from the body. Thanks to their comfortable fit, these shorts also assure minimal chafing and natural body movement.

New Balance Impact 3-inch Split Short
Designed for elite runners, the Impact range of Split shorts are constructed from lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking polyester and feature ventilation holes and a built-in brief with mesh backing that keeps skin dry, comfortable and the material odor-free. With reflective logo and trims and two pockets big enough to store keys, id and sports gels, it ensures that you can run light and free this summer.

Saucony Freedom V-Neck
An essential workout shirt, the Freedom V-neck is made with innovative jersey fabric that helps provide superior wicking and faster drying. Equipped with chemical-free dri release technology, it is crafted with a patented blend of water-repelling and water-absorbing fibers that efficiently pull moisture and perspiration away from the skin and push it to the exterior of the fabric where it can evaporate quickly. With a long, lean, athletic fit it’s a great pick for long summer runs.

Swiftwick Aspire Running Socks
Definitely banish any thoughts of wearing your favourite cotton socks. It’ll be chafe central before you are done with the run. This summer sock integrates Swiftwick’s signature compression technology to apply graduated pressure and keeps the blood flowing to all the right places with every step. Use of Olefin, a fiber said to retain less than 0.01 percent of its weight in moisture, also helps prevent deterioration from sweat (and washing detergents) while keeping your feet dry.

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