It’s one of the world’s oldest cuisines, and there’s a reason it’s still considered a healthy choice among the fitness community. Mediterranean diet has already proven to be quite beneficial in the fight against cholesterol, bone weakness and more, but a new study may finally give it a serious push among the health food community. It also helps that it has a reputation of being a light and fresh cuisine.

A typical Mediterranean diet includes ingredients such as chickpeas, fresh fish, olive oil and light cheeses, and it may dramatically reduce the chance of a relapse of breast cancer, a new study claims. A PTI report says this new research adds more credibility to Mediterranean diet, which has already been shown as helping reduce the chance of developing cancer in the first place. In addition, it also helps strengthen you heart against metabolic risk factors and other diseases.

Researchers in Piacenza, Italy studied more than 300 women who had been treated for early stage breast cancer and divided them into two groups. One followed a Mediterranean diet while the other continued a normal, healthy diet, which did not have any particular cultural leaning. In the trial that lasted three years, 11 patients in the group on a normal, healthy diet developed breast cancer again, while none of the patients following the Mediterranean diet relapsed back into the cancer.

“Adopting the diet of fresh fish, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and olive oil could dramatically reduce the chances of cancer coming back,” the report said.

“The adoption of a Mediterranean Diet in this study has reduced the risk of cancer recurrence,” Claudia Biasini from the Hospital of Piacenza, is quoted as saying.

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