While LGBTQ pride celebrations are newly emerging in India, the World Pride Parade in Madrid was celebrated on a completely different level. Madrid is home to one of the world’s biggest LGBTQ parades and this year’s highlight was the High Heel Race. It was a sight as men in sky-high heels tried to compete with each other on the cobbled Pelayo Street for the top spot. You might be thinking why all the fuss, right? That’s because the winner goes home with a prize of $ 600!

But don’t get your hopes up because if you thought that you could bring out your kitten heels and do the jig, you’d be overwhelmed with the guidelines that the participants needed to follow. Every person who would qualify to run the race needed to dress the part. This means no less than 15 centimeter heels were allowed in this 100-meter race. Another prerequisite was the mandatory hair wigs and makeup. The event took place on June 24, 2017 and saw people of all genders gather to witness and participate in this race. Here’s a look at the best-dressed and the fast-paced dudes in high-heels at this year’s Madrid Pride parade.

Main Image Courtesy: armasforbeauty on Instagram

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